Abu Ghraib-A prison where if terrorist were caught they would take them to this prison. Eventually this prison was shut down because terrorists were tortured and abused.
The word represents the Constitution in a few ways. The prison brings up the controversial topic of torture. If torture is allowed and justified than should King George have tortured the Sons of Liberty? Also, torture disgraces a person's rights and is also a form of cruel and unusual punishment. Torture explicitly goes against the Constitution.
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The picture represents Abu Ghraib in a couple of ways. It shows the pain and suffering of detainees at the prison. The type of torture being shown is water boarding where on places a towel over a subject's mouth and pours water on their head to simulate drowning.
It also expresses what George W. Bush told the United States to try and make them think nothing too extreme was happening at this prison. He tried to establish a sense of trust with the people.

"We the people...Establish justice..."
-the preamble

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