The definition of Branches is, "to divide into separate parts or subdivisions." This word describes the Constitution because the government of the United States is divided into three Branches of power. They are known as the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Executive Branch. They separated the government in three parts only to even the powers and create the Checks and Balances system.

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom

Picture Credits: on / Image: Simon Howden

This picture of a Cherry Blossom represents "branches" and the Constitution because it shows that they are separate but come together in the end. The reason the Constitution included the Separation of Powers (branches) was so that the government would be equal in powers and that there wouldn't be any argument that one branch had more powers than the other. In the end the the branches end up coming together as one to create a tree, that is sturdy and tough like our government.

"The power under the constitution will always be in the people" George Washington, November 10 1787

- Lauren(2)


nice job lauren! yay! The picture is a bit too literal for me, but i like how you tied it in k, bye! --Ysa(: