Community-a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.

The Constitution is like a community because everything or every document that is in it all works together to create the Constitution. This acts like a community because in communities people work together to live or grow up in the same place. All the people that have to do with the Constitution are close in terms of political agreement. Therefore, the Constitution acts like a community because it works together, it helps protect the country, and for example, the framers are a part of a community that came together to be a part of the Constitution. In the end, the Constitution acts like a community, a safe community, that protects it's people and that is there for its people when they need it.


This picture is of multiple people huddeled up. They are working together in a group, or as a community. They can be discussing the Constitution, making a game plan for a sports game, thinking of games to play, or anything else that involves people working together as a community. It's important to know that putting more brains together can result in something totally different. Our Constitution was not done by only one individual, it was done by a community of people put together.

"the constitution is to serve everybody and not only one community - Jalal Talabani

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I liked your picture because it helped me think more about you word. I also like your quote because it explains your word well.
Lauren 6th