Facebook is a website where many people can learn about each other and comment on each other's wall. How would Facebook have to do with the constitution? I like to make the connection to the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is a document where the amendments could be changed or added to. That sounds like a Facebook wall, where different things could be added to or deleted. You can't really change things, but the Bill of Rights is serious on changes too, as only one amendment actually changed another; the 21st amendment 18th amendment. Also, Facebook is used by millions of people, very similar to the Bill of Rights, and many, if not all United States citizens follow the Bill of Rights.

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This Image relates to Facebook and the Bill of Rights because the people are the users of Facebook, or the citizens of the United States of America, and they are all connected by the same document or website.
-Mitchell P. Period 6

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Where is the qoute? motherwise, i liked it. -abby :)
I liked how you linked Facebook with the Constitution! -Henry period 7
I still don't understand the relevance with the constitution and facebook. Also you are missing your quote.-Jamie period 7
I still can't join facebook. Maybe if my mom sees this she'll let me join. Nice page. Lucas p7