Outsourced to the Constitution

Outsourced is an American sitcom about a man that gets relocated to India and experiences the culture of the new country. How does Outsourced connect to the Constitution? Outsourced is all about the American man teaching his Indian co-workers american cultures and they teach him about Indian cultures. The Constitution gives rights to many different types of people mainly in the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th amendments. In America people learn how to adopt others different cultures and we recongnized in in our Constitution. America is becoming more and more diverse in its growing population therefore giving America many more cultures that Americans can learn to celebrate and acknowledge.

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This image represents how America and the entire world is made up of many different cultures and people of the world. Without everybody we could not keep the world going that is why we need all people to help push the Earth along.

"Hi my name is Asha."
"Hi asha, wow that's a pretty name."
"Thank you. It means hope."
"Well then, I Asha to get to know you better."


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