Risk-take or run the chance of

Many people take risks at different things in life, but the framers took a huge risk at making the Constitution the way it is. Many other countries took the easy way and made a Constitution that has had to be changed or re-done. The framers on the other hand took the chance of using a document, such a powerful piece of paper, to set down the laws of the United States. This might scare some and might not agree with the things they did, but the Framers knew what they were doing and did it. If the Constitution was not perfected, then America could face several conflicts today, or in the future. Many Americans are happy that the framers took the risk making this document, and it has benefited all of us in several ways.
This photo is a picture of Gordon Hayward trying to make a half court, buzzer beater to win the NCAA basketball championship game. Even though they lost, it was a huge risk to take because it cost them the game. They could have give the ball to someone else, or tried to get up the court a little bit more, but no. the coaches took the risk of giving the ball to Gordon Hayward to win them the game. This is similar to the Framers taking risks on making the Constitution because if they messed up even a little bit, America would not be the same. This picture shows the bad side of taking a risk, but America, as a country, has seen the better of the two.

"Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties." This is a quote by Abraham Lincoln, and it shows that how the Framers took the risk of making the Constitution, and how it was made perfect. Since the Framers took that chance, I and probably many others have been affected by this document. I agree with Lincoln with that quote because I think that they did the best they could with their risks.


created by Amit Russell