The meaning of the word "struggle" to contend with an adversary or opposing force. This connects to the constitution because it has been through a lot of struggle to become what it is today. For example the constitution has corrected itself as shown with the 18th and 21th amendment.

The constitution is much similar to a seed, if you anything about seeds they have to struggle before bursting out of its shell. The Constitution first draft had to be amended because it did not give the citizens of the United States any rights. This let the federal government do things that are unconstitutional at this time. So the anti federal association made up of people who believed that individual rights were more important than the powers reserved for the federal government. And after that there has been many things added to the Constitution like amendments and everything.

" In life there is more struggle than joy" -Mr. Kannan. This relates to the constitution because there is more time in the world spent struggling than in joy.