YouTube is a video sharing website where users create a "channel" and post videos to it. YouTube is used by billions of people every single day. How does YouTube have to do with the Constitution? YouTube can be viewed by anybody in the world, and similarly, so is the Constitution. Online if you search "Read Constitution Online" on a site such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, you are bound to find a free copy of the famous document suitable for web viewing. Also, there are copies of the Constitution available as applications for mobile phones. Therefore, there are many people who are able to view the Constitution, similar to viewing a website such as YouTube.

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This is a great photo to represent the Constitution, simply because the Constitution is available for many people to view, or in other words, see. Hence, this picture of the eye represents many people being able to view the constitution.
-Mitchell P. Period 6

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Good deffinition, but where is the quote? -abby:)
I never thought of the constitution like youtube- courtney
It's funny you made all the wensite related pages, but you keep forgetting QUOTES