Bogus: Used in various situations to express mild to extreme displeasure.
Throughout American History the constitution and the government has been bogus to at least one group of citizens or even the government! Women, African Americans and many other minorities have been hit with unfairness by the constitution and government. Even with the Declaration of Independence's "All Men Are Created Equal" and the first Amendment specifically stating that everyone has the freedom to religion, speech, press and assembly, still today some groups in the US are discriminated in a "bogus" fashion.
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Look its everyone's favorite Italian stereotype Mario, and he's smashing that poor innocent turtle. It's easier to see how this relates to the constitution if you think of the turtle as any US minority and Mario as the constitution or government. For example the turtle could be African American's prior to the 1960's. They were disregarded citizens or workers who are crumpled by the over powerful US government and law, until the Supreme Court and the Presidentt passed bills and desicsions to give them rights. Even after that and even still today African American's are discriminated by citizens and the Constitution, though it can say it isn't allowed, can not stop people from discriminating there fellow citizens.

"I can safely promise them that neither my tongue, nor my pen, nor purse shall be wanting to promote the abolition of what to me appears so inconsistent with humanity and Christianity"
Founding Father William Livingston on the first anti-slavery groups.

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I like the link to Mario. -Henry period 7
I also believe that slavery and discrimination is bogus. Anthony period 7
You are correct but i think you need a better picture- John Stankovich