Different-separate or distinct from another or others´╗┐

The Constitution is very different because in the time of day that it was made, it is the only document that has stayed the same. Most other countries that use a document to lay down their laws have had to re-do it because it did not fit the standards that would be present today. This shows that the framers did their best to make the ways of life of citizens the best it can be. In saying that the Constitution is different, it shows that being different is not a bad thing at all. Being different in this matter made it easier for the framers because they do not have to go back and edit the document.


This picture represents the idea of the Constitution being different because out of all the countries that wrote their laws one way, America did it right, but in a different way. The United State's Constitution would be the tallest white figure in this picture because it stands out in a way that is not good or bad. All the other country's ways of stating how their country does things would be represented by all the other, smaller, purple figures because they are more similar to each other than they are to the Constitution.

"I prefer a man who will burn the flag and then wrap himself in the Constitution to a man who will burn the Constitution and then wrap himself in the flag." It's a quote from Craig Washington. This quote shows a man being different and expressing his mind in a way that some people would think is crazy. I like this quote because I would prefer the US Constitution over any other country's legal documents.