The definition of the word "liberty", is 'freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.' The word liberty is used many times though out the constitution. People want liberty for themselves and the people around them, because it gives them freedom and their own rights. In my opinion liberty means to make things right, and fair. The word represents the constitution because one of the constitution's goals is to give people liberty.
photo credit: National Park Service

The constitution reflects liberty in all of it's goals, principles, amendments, you name it. It shows liberty in all of those because all 3 of those parts of the constitution have 1 thing in common; they want to establish rights and justice and fairness for the people and for the government. Establishing rights, justice, and fairness all sound like liberty to me. Because in my opinion all of those words sound like pretty good synonyms for what liberty means. This picture above represents 'liberty' in the constitution because of the way the liberty bell got its name in the first place. Right after supreme court justice, John Marshall, died the liberty bell was rung. This ended up being the last time the bell was rung, because it cracked during the ringing. People thought that because John Marshall died and he was a very important man and the liberty bell broke the same day it meant something. They then called this bell the liberty bell.

Constitution quote:"The constitution doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of it. You have to catch up with it yourself" - Benjamin Franklin

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