Prevail- prove more powerful than opposing forces,
In U.S history, people of the U.S was being pushed around by the other parts of the country that was taken over. The people of the United States didn't like being pushed around and tried to stop being pushed around, but it didn't work. Soon, the British came and took over. The people had enough. During the Declaration of independence, the U.S proved to the world that they were powerful, for they have beaten the British in the war. This photo below shows represents the word prevail.


In this photo, the people of the U.S are saying "we shall prevail". This means that the poeple of the U.S were ready to show the world how powerful they were. Though it was hard to get where they were now, the U.S proved to the other countries they were powerful. It wasn't long before the U.S took over the land around them, and it was ready to be explored.

When good people in any country cease their vigilance and struggle,then evil men prevail- Pearl S. Buck

Brianna Holloway