Security System-a system that enforces boundaries between networks

The Constitution is a Security System for the United States of America. It has it's rights, laws, etc. that help protect this country. Anything that goes against the Constitution is like when a person breaks into a place, the Security System alarm will go off. This is like the Constitution because if something goes against it, an "alarm" will go off, and specific people will be contacted to solve the problem. Therefore, the Constitution is very much like a Security System for the United States of America.


This picture is of Security Systems and cameras that people put in their houses, or buildings. These help protect people from crimes that have been committed or any sort of thing that people need to be protected and notified by. These Security Systems are protection to each individual just like the Constitution is a Security System that protects our country as a whole.

"The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty." -James Madison

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I liked how you compared the constitution and a burgalar alarm together, that was creative.
Lauren 6th

Hey nice comparison. I think that the constitution works as a security system that helps us, but have you considered that it might go too far and end up working against us. Like Big Brother? Lucas Z 7th p