Trust. Many people have different outlooks on what the word' trust' means. The dictionary definition of the word 'trust' is reliance of the integrity, strength, ability, surety, of a person or thing. In my opinion when you put your trust into something, you are risking something turning out well or turning out bad, but you are relying on what you put your trust into. Trust in the constitution is provided in various places. The people for example trust the makers of the constitution in creating laws, and rights, for their country. They put their trust in the creators that they will make good decisions in the better for America,
shaking_hands.gif Credit to: Kingdom Bound Productions

This picture shows two men shaking hands. The way they are gripping each others' hands it looks as if they are putting an amount of trust into each other. This picture reminds me of two politicians or two government members shaking hands, agreeing on an agreements just being made. When people agree with each other on a bill, or a law, they are putting trust into the other person that it will go as planned, or at least for the better. People put trust into their government every single day,hoping that their government is making the right decisions for America. This is because the decisions the government affects the people. For example if the government declares war, who do you think is going to have to fight in the war? The people.

"The constitution is a guide in which I will never abandon" - George Washington

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